Chris Rod

Frosty Hesson

October 7th, 2018

Chris Rod has been playing in the Tucson Basketball League since the mid-1990s, starting off with The Mavs. They chose that name because, back then, the Mavericks were the dregs of the NBA. When the Mavericks started getting good and then eventually won an NBA title, The Mavs of the TBL had to change their name. They are now Frosty Hesson. Chris has always been a scrapper under the boards and is the league's unofficial all-time leader in fouls--not because he commits so many, but because he's been around for so long. And because he commits so many. In Sunday's game against The Tortugas, Chris came off the bench and was an immediate spark for his squad. He had two rebound putbacks for score and ended the day with 12 points and six rebounds. And only two fouls.