A-a-Ron Leads Flashback Over Rim Rattlers

October 24th, 2018

As many of you know, last week was a short week because the venue was hosting another one of those abominable "youth" tournaments. (I am only speaking for myself here; perhaps Rob has an opinion that is diametrically opposite of mine on this topic.) I could go on for another hour about this topic, but I'll stick to the task at hand. When  we have a short schedule one week, we try to have everybody (or at least almost everybody) play the next week. Unfortunately, there's another Carnival of Crappy Attitudes this coming week, as well. Instead of the 20-something games that we would like to put on, we can only have 14 games (Noon-9 p.m. on one court and 4:00-9:00 on the other). Originally, we were only going to be able to have 10 games, but then Tom (who runs the venue) found us four more hours, for which we are eternally grateful. That helps us avoid the dreaded double-bye for any of the teams. We'll be back to normal on November 4th. 

In this past week's action: 

--Zona 69, Hickory 68 - Wow, what a game! David Kime led Zona with a 24-point, 8-rebound effort, but he had plenty of help. Derek Haner had 21 points on four three-pointers and Dominic Dicochea added 18 points for the winners. Guillermo Bay and David Chan combined for 51 points for Hickory.

--Mitchell Gordon 86, Hey Arnold! 84 - As a ref, watching these high-scoring contests, I call them "efense games" 'cause there ain't no "D." Hey Arnold! raced out to a 51-42 halftime game, but then the threes started falling for Mitchell Gordon. All six players on the Gordon squad had at least two threes and, as a group, they poured in 20 of them for the come-from-behind win. Last season's league leading scorer, Drew Harris, had 34 points for Arnold! while Sebas Rivera had 20 points to lead Gordon.

--Flashback 51, Rim Rattlers 50 - Aaron Anderson had a spectacular game--with 23 points, six boards and multiple blocked shots--to lead Flashback to a nail-biting win over an impressive Rim Rattlers squad.

--Bucket-Dashians 70, Most Wanted 50 - Jordan Love (sounds like a made-up name) led the way with 23 points and seven rebounds. 

--Team 706 50, Really Big Team 47 - This was one of those games that went right down to the final seconds. Really Big Team had several chances to tie the game in the closing seconds, but Team 706 applied the defensive pressure and held on for the victory.