Fall 2018 Season Underway With Predictable Bumps

September 19th, 2018

Please pardon me while I rant just a little bit. It's been a long time since I was a young man. (Meanwhile, it appears that Rob plans on remaining a young man for-freakin'-ever!) 

Anyway, every season, we get teams that can't wait to get started; they're all fired up for the new season. But then comes opening day and they're a no-show. Later, I get some lame-ass text or email, telling me that nobody wanted to commit and that virtually every human being this person knows is broke. Then they go on to say, "We're really sorry that the other team showed up and there was no game and that every forfeit costs the league over $100.00. But we really want to be in the league next season, so can you save us a spot?"

Yeah, I'll be sure to do that. Someday, I'm going to learn.

Moving on to the positive, we had a great time on Sunday, the first day of the Fall 2018 season. Among the highlights:

--Icy Hots 51, Scrap Attack 49 - Tyler Kaiser had 11 points and eight rebounds to lead the Hots. Johnny Williams had 21 points for Scrap. 

--Barrio Benchmen 53, Frosty Hesson 36 - The Benchmen are undefeated!! The Benchmen are undefeated!! We'll just leave it at that.

--Gotem 77, STH 74 - Zeke Odina made a rare appearance and it paid off, as he poured in 31 points and grabbed seven rebounds for Gotem. Marco Escobar had eight three-pointers and 28 points for STH.

--Tucson Red Men 68, KP BallerZ 39 - It appears that Roland Ramon and Jonathan Manuel have put together a Rez Ball powerhouse. While both teams made the same number of threes (7) and each team had 41 rebounds, the Red Men (yes, that's their name) used an up-tempo attack to run away from the BallerZ.

Hallelujah, this will be the absolute last week of construction on the venue's floors. The north side is just about done. On Sunday, September 30th, the venue will be back to full strength, better than ever, and we can go back to full schedules. It has been a long, difficult slog, but it will have been worth it. This is the best basketball venue in Southern Arizona--from the staff to the location to the facilities to the floors. We hope to be here for a good long time. Thank you for your patience and let's make the Fall 2018 season the best one yet.