25 Games...No Forfeits!

July 4th, 2018

Forfeits suck. They always have and they always will. A forfeit sucks for the three or four members of a team that show up only to learn that a couple of their teammates have blown them off for some lame excuse(s). They suck exponentially for the team that shows up and doesn't have an opponent to play against. They suck for the league operators who have to pay for the court time with nothing to show for it. About the only people who don't mind forfeits are my high-school players who keep score because they don't have to do stuff for an hour. But they're young and therefore stupid. They don't understand how harmful forfeits can be.

As mentioned herein, the venue is undergoing renovations that will make the place even more spectacular than it is now. The new floors are going to be amazing. However, these past few weeks have been interesting and the next few weeks will be even more so. We've been doing all we can to get the regular season in so we can start (and, we hope, finish) the playoffs before the venue is closed down for a couple weeks in August. (The Fall League will start in September.)

The venue has graciously been giving us as many court/hours as it can possibly spare and we have been getting in as many games as we can. (Please note that Court 2 has a patchy schedule this week due to other events at the venue.) The dreaded byes have been at a bare minimum. And so it was that we came to this past Sunday.With the Fourth of July landing on a Wednesday, Sunday was only sort of a holiday weekend. Still, a handful of teams requested the weekend off, but we were able to schedule 25 games. And--this is so cool--we had zero forfeits. Twenty-five is the greatest number of games we've ever had on one day, so it is also the greatest number of games we've had in one day without a forfeit. Good job, People.

Among the highlights:

The Process 65, Franchise 64 - This game was really, really good. Franchise took an eight-point lead at the half behind the outside shooting of Jimmy Dominguez and Marco Escobar. The Process battled back and briefly took a five-point lead. But then Franchise went on a 10-0 run and they took a five-point lead. With about a minute to go in the game, Franchise appeared to have things well in hand. But they missed the front end of a one-and-one and The Process hit a three to cut the margin to two. Then, Franchise missed ANOTHER front end of a one-and-one, allowing Tanner Cameron to hit a 30-footer at the buzzer for the win. A couple of the guys on Franchise halfheartedly complained about the clock starting late on the final possession, but they--and all the ballers in America--know that if you miss two front ends in the final minute, you deserve whatever happens to you.

Hickory 55, More Jumpers 46 - Guillermo Bay hit eight threes and scored 38 points to lead Hickory.

Fleet 101, Wet Bandits 71 - No Jeff Clark, no Sam Okougbo? No problem, as Fleet cruised to a 30-point win without their two leading scorers. Solomon "Chito" Canastillo hit 11 threes and 37 points to lead Fleet. Johnny Rivera had eight threes and 26 points for the Bandits.

DTC 52, Below The Rim 49 - Troy Huggins had 34 points for DTC

Icy Hots 74, Hawgs 66 - The defending A League champion Hawgs dropped to an eye-popping 1-4 on the season, falling to Icy Hots in a thriller. The Hots had five players score in double figures, led by Tyler Kaiser's 18 points.

Gotem 76, Blue Coconuts 67 - Zeke Odina is like an eclipse. He only shows up every now and then, but when he does, it's quite a show. Zeke scored 38 points on 18 twos and a couple of free throws to lead Gotem to a close win over the Coconuts. Paul Choi had 21 points in a losing effort.