Hawgs Fall to 0-3; Harris Goes For 63

June 15th, 2018

In normal times, somebody scoring 63 points in one of our games would be the first (or only) part of the headline. But, apparently, these aren't normal times. The Hawgs, the team that has won more A-League titles than any other squad in the 30-year history of the Tucson Basketball League, is 0-3 to start the Summer 2018 season. They have lost three games by a total of nine points, including the last two by two and one, respectively. They remain one of the best teams in the league and they still have the ageless Donte Williams, but this is interesting and is looking like we'll have some hellacious playoffs.

In other news, Drew Harris, one of several players in our league who played college ball at Tohono O'Odham Community College, scored a ridiculous 63 points in Hey Arnold!'s 101-77 win over Just a Game. Just to show that it wasn't due to some big flurry, Drew scored 32 points in the first half and 31 in the second. He hit 14 threes in the game. That puts Drew in the Top 10 all-time for threes in a game. Just as an update for the newcomers, Jon Brogan, who now plays on The Hawgs, once hit an unworldly 28 three-pointers in one game. Worst. Defense. Ever. The Hawgs' other ageless wonder, Kent Senzee (who is the girls basketball coach at Canyon Del Oro), TWICE hit 20 three-pointers in a game! And he did so after the age of 50. That may be crazier than Brogan's mark. I, Tom, am in third. I once hit 17 threes in a game back in the 1990s. (That was a quarter-century ago and time has certainly taken its toll, although I was a willing participant.) Then there's a group of players, including last year's three-point champion, Bruno Lopez, and now Drew, in a pack that has hit between 13 and 15 threes in a game.

One other quick note before we get to the highlights: I mentioned that they're doing the floors in the place and it's going to be great in the end, but messy in the mean time. The word we have now is that August is going to be the worst and the entire building is going to be closed for a couple weeks in August (although they're not sure which two--or three) while the floors are surfaced and the fumes are allowed to settle and/or ventilate out. So, unlike last summer, when we had a bunch of byes and the season and playoffs stretched out through the month of August, this season, out of necessity, we will be wrapping things up earlier. That means you poor souls are going to have games, one week after another, with almost no byes. We don't know if you'll be able to handle it.

Lights Out 72, Beast Mode 69 - Lights Out got double-figure scoring from five of its players, with Daryl Ball and Aaron Hardison each tossing in 18 points in the win. John Camargo hit seven threes and 23 points in a losing effort.

LeBrontourage 69, Hawgs 68 - Dominique Banks went 10-11 from the free-throw line and scored 26 points overall in the thrilling victory. Banks' former Amphi High teammate Fred Sims had 20 points to lead The Hawgs.

Icy Hots 48, The Process 45 - Greg Noack hit 21 points for The Process, but it wasn't enough as Mark Meredith hit the same amount for Icy Hots in a nail-biter.

Zona 57, DTC 52 - Dominic Dicochea scored 24 points for Zona in the win. 

Sunshine Boys 87, BOS 59 - This one was a surprise. Ben Yates has been requesting a game with BOS for a while now. We have been reluctant to grant the request because, frankly, we though BOS would stomp them. Instead, we get a nearly 30-point whuppin' in the other direction. The Sunshine Boys were on fire! Dustin Wirth hit eight threes for 24 points.

The Show 49, KP Ballerz 45 - Mike Gallegos had 18 points for the winners. Chuck Alvarez matched that total for the Ballerz.

One last thing: We've had a couple incidents of players becoming belligerent with the scorekeepers. STOP IT!!! Some of our refs are way too nice when it comes to that stuff. I, on the other hand, double-dog-dare you to talk crap to the scorekeeper when I'm reffing. It won't end well. They're high-school kids and they do a very good job. It's not always a perfect job, but then again, when is the last time that any of you played a perfect game? Hit every shot, made every right pass, no turnovers, held your man scoreless? Yeah, I didn't think so. We stress with the scorekeepers to make sure that the score on the scoreboard is correct at all times. If you think they made a mistake, please tell the ref and we'll check. Please leave the scorekeepers alone. Thank you.