A Bunch of Stuff To Read (Thanks)

June 7th, 2018

It’s absolutely amazing how dependent we have all become on technology and how easily our lives are disrupted by even the slightest interruption thereof. As I have mentioned, over the past couple months, our household has been experiencing all-too-frequent internet outages. Nobody can pinpoint the exact reason for the phenomenon and so the giant mega-company whom we pay (a lot of money) to provide this uninterrupted service has come out multiple times and, each time, has declared the problem fixed…until it happens again. 

And speaking of the giant mega-company, it’s one of the largest internet providers in the country, but sometimes it feels like we’re dealing with Fred’s Internet Company and Crappy Landscaping Service. Sometimes they come out and dig up the yard, do something to the wires and then sorta’ put the yard back the way it was…except not really.

Anyway, I had the schedule ready to post late (really late) Monday night and I decided that I would just do it when I got up Tuesday morning. But we had no internet all day Tuesday and only spotty service on Wednesday. Right before midnight on Wednesday, it came back up and I quickly input the schedule. Then, like something out of a bad episode of “NCIS” (is there such a thing as a good episode of “NCIS?”), it went down as soon as I was finished. I’m typing this into a Word document and I’ll paste it into the website when the service comes back. 

This past Sunday, nearly every team in the league played. It made for a really long and hectic day, but it was way cool. This Sunday, almost all of the teams will be playing, with only a small handful getting a bye (and a couple of those for an unpleasant reason). Club volleyball is over and the much-despised (by me, anyway) youth basketball circus is out of town for a while, so we have plenty of court space. However, another situation has popped up.

The venue (which, I’m sure we would all agree, is spectacular—clean, bright and meticulously well-maintained) is only a few years old, but is getting a much-needed makeover. Apparently, when it was first built, there was a problem with the way the floors were installed and now, over the summer, the floors are going to be replaced, court by court. The place is going to be even better than the great that it is now. We’re told that the disruptions will be minor, but there will be a time at the end of the process when they will have to close the facility for a few days because of noxious fumes related to the refinishing process. Because we have extra court time, we may choose to get all the games in early so we don’t run up against the facility closure. (That’s bad news for all of you who hate having to play games every week with no byes. That’s a joke.)

I’m almost down with this novel. Speaking of novels, did you know that Mary Shelley wrote the first (and ultimate) horror novel, “Frankenstein,” at the age of 19?! And she did so in part because her husband (who was also a writer) told her that women could never be writers. All up in your face! The standings should be up by now and the stats will be posted shortly (you know, if the mega-company ever allows us to re-enter the 21st Century by granting us internet service).