Crazy Week of Wall-to-Wall Action Ahead

May 31st, 2018

This week marks something semi-historic. This Sunday we will have the greatest number of TBL games in one day. The two greatest banes of the league are forfeits (by a wide margin) and too many byes. This Sunday, only a couple teams have byes (and they requested them due to players being out of town). 

As for forfeits, we all hate them. (Well, maybe the kids who keep score don't hate them, but when they realize that forfeits are bad for the league overall, they come to at least dislike them.) Other leagues (and other sports) treat forfeits very harshly. Some leagues will kick teams out after a couple forfeits. Other leagues fine teams for forfeiting. We have always been a bit more understanding, but it is becoming a problem. (It also runs in cycles. There are always more forfeits during the summer because of vacation and travel.)

Without boring you with details, forfeits are ridiculously expensive, as well. When there is a forfeit, we still have to pay the refs, the scorekeepers and the venue for the court. THEN, we have to give the team that showed up an extra game. That all runs into the hundreds of dollars. Please stop forfeiting. And please don't think that if you contact us an hour before the game to let us know that you're not coming, that keeps you from being charged with a forfeit. That's certainly polite of you, but it doesn't help us arrange for a replacement.

Also, I realize that I am part of the problem. The schedule is posted and then I make a change on Thursday or Friday and a team either doesn't show up or they show up at the wrong time. They'll tell me, "We checked the schedule on Tuesday and texted everybody when to show up." So, there will be no more mid-week schedule changes. The schedule for the entire season will be up shortly and you'll be able to plan more effectively. If there is some extreme emergency, I will contact all of the teams involved in any change and get a response from them to make sure that everybody is on the same page. Having said that, we have tried it in the past and I will contact the captain of a team, but he doesn't get the word out to everybody and only three guys show up. So, schedule changes will be almost non-existent in the future.

If your team generally needs to play at a certain time of the day (e.g. mornings or evenings), please send me an email at the website and I will do what I can to accommodate you. However, with well more than 50 teams in the league, there is no way that we can make everybody happy with their schedule. And, as mentioned herein before, we have teams that have been in the league non-stop since the 1990s. THEY get preferential treatment; the rest of y'all don't.

The stats will start showing up shortly and we have a new feature that we will be unveiling shortly.

One last thing: We know that those FitBit things are the latest craze and how better to get in a bunch of steps than to play a basketball game? However, they are a hazard to others. We're not going to ban them but new rule: If you're going to wear one of those things, you MUST cover it with an old-fashioned wrist (sweat) band. That way, you can get in your 3,000 steps and you won't endanger others. 

Thank you.