31st Year Off to Exciting, If Somewhat Shaky, Start

May 10th, 2018

You have to figure that if someone has been doing something semi-successfully for 30 years, he/she might learn a few tricks along the way to make things run smoothly. Or maybe not.

In the old, old days of the League, I would call everybody at the start of the season to let them know when their first games were. Then, we would hand out printed schedules for the entire season. Things have evolved to texting and the internet, but the concept remains the same. In recent years, I would have one of my players (the scorekeepers) text everybody to let them know the season was starting. I didn't do it this time, figuring (quite foolishly) that people would check the website. Six different teams didn't show up; they all said that they didn't know. Forfeits are expensive. It's a tough lesson from which I will learn.

As for the games that did go off on Sunday, we had some really fun ones. Behind the scoring of Eric Goodwin, Below The Rim jumped out to a 32-16 halftime lead on Hickory, then tried grimly to hold on through the second half. Guillermo Bay, who led all scorers with 32 points, led the second-half charge for Hickory, which finally took its only lead of the game with four seconds to go. A last-second shot by Below fell short.

In other games:

Frosty Hesson 73, Dizzy's Squad 71 - This game was crazy! Two teams (shall we say not known for their scoring prowess) put on an offensive show. Will Lewis had 25 points and seven rebounds to lead Frosty.

Team 706 19, Bullets 17 - Yes, that's the real score and it was one of the most intense and entertaining games of the entire day. Wild, lock-down defense was the story of the game. Carlos Felix led the winners with 12 points.

Beast Mode 89, SH Army 86 - The season kicked off with this game and it was a classic. Beast Mode had a nine-point lead at the half, but the Army stormed back. John Camargo had 36 points for Beast, including an impressive 14 of 18 from the free-throw line.

Wet Bandits 83, Scrap Attack 75 - The Bandits hit 21 threes as a team, just enough to overcome Johnny Williams' 34-point effort for Scrap.

There will be no games this week; it's Mother's Day. We'll resume on May 20th and all of the teams will have been notified. I promise.