In Memoriam

February 2nd, 2018

It is with deep sadness that we acknowledge the death of one of our long-time League members. Randy Zimmerman, who played on several teams over the past few years (most recently with Franchise and Ninety-Six) died yesterday in a motorcycle crash. He was 25 years old. Randy was a member of those super Amphitheater High School teams that made multiple trips to the State Championship game earlier in this decade. He and several other members of those squads originally entered the league with a team called The Benchwarmers, a tongue-in-cheek reference to their place on those squads. But Randy was no slouch. He played hard and played well. A couple seasons back, he won the coveted Rebounding Champion title. He died not far from his beloved Amphi High. Rob and I (and everyone involved with the Tucson Basketball League) express our deepest condolences to Randy's family and close friends. He will be missed.