BOS, Icy Hots Make Successful Returns

January 24th, 2018

A couple teams--BOS and Icy Hots--that took last season off due to injuries are back with a vengeance. BOS hung 91 points on the Black Mambas while Icy Hots put together a nice team effort to get past Scrap Attack.

After this week, when Rob and I have seen all of the teams, I'll be able to put together the schedule for the season.

Instead of constantly complaining about teams that don't pay, we've come up with a simple (yet diabolical) plan. If a team hasn't paid up after their second week, they won't be scheduled again until they do. Here's the kicker: The last team to pay will NOT be in the playoffs. That will suck exponentially. Having said that, please know that the teams that are not playing this week simply have a bye. That other stuff won't kick in for a week or two. As Freud once said, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."

Cool Arrows 39, DTC 36 - We welcomed a new team made up of a bunch of guys from Douglas. Don't say their team name fast because you will be cussing in Spanish. The Arrows were led by Spencer Grijalva and Cris Mariscal.

Below The Rim 35, Barrio Benchmen 25 - Chris Clark had 12 points and six rebounds to lead Below The Rim. The Benchmen welcomed back Matt Luck from a knee injury.

STH 60, Dawgs 58 - Jimmy Dominguez just missed a double-double, pouring in 15 points and grabbing nine rebounds in a nail-biting win over The Dawgs.

Tucson Hustle 44, Hickory 38 - Rene Campillo and Quinn Hampton each had 15 points for Hustle. John Brady had three threes and 11 points for Hickory. Derek Ogden is still wearing a Dallas Cowboys shirt even though they, you know, DIDN'T EVEN MAKE THE PLAYOFFS!

Dizzy's Squad 71, G-Sauce 69 - Christian Passal poured in 35 points for G-Sauce, but it wasn't enough to overcome the balanced attack from Dizzy's Squad.

Next week, February 4th, is the Super Bowl. We will have games in the morning and early afternoon, with our last games starting at 2:00.