We're Back...!

January 4th, 2018

We will be starting up again this Sunday, January 7th. The Winter 2018 season will complete our 30th year in operation (we started in June of 1988). That's kinda' crazy.

We are fortunate (and grateful) that we again have over 50 teams in the league, so scheduling is going to be fun. Our goal is to have as few byes as possible. Unfortunately, this weekend, there's all kinds of club volleyball stuff going on, so our court options are limited. We could use a small court that's up by the front desk, but Rob and I would rather not. We want you to have the full Oh-my-God-I'm-out of-shape! experience. 

After threatening to do so for the past 30 years, this may be the season that we crack down on uniform restrictions. We don't require uniforms, per se, but we do want everybody on a team to bring a white shirt and a dark shirt. Let's get off to a good start: The dark shirts must all be of the same color. Except for "color," those are all one-syllable words and not hard to understand. The days of one guy wearing red and one guy wearing blue and another guy wearing yellow are gone. Also, gray is neither light or dark. We had this one guy who would show up with the same nasty gray T-shirt every week. One week, he'd say, "This shirt is light," then next week he would claim that it was dark. If everybody is wearing the exact same shade of gray, then maybe; otherwise, no. You don't need jerseys and you don't need numbers. But they sell T-shirts at WalMart for four bucks.

Among the teams that are starting next week are: DTC, LeBrontourage, Gotem, Hickory, Zona (Maybe), Oro Varsity, Vincent Huezo's Team, Jeremiah Dibble, Gangreen, BOS, M, Five, Black Mambas, Rene Campillo's Team (formerly Tucson Hustle), Alorica Royals, Saul's Team, Alorica Ankle Breakers, Kenny Neal's New Team, and two teams from Chris.

Some of those teams asked to start next week, others didn't get back to me in time. Hickory will start next week so that Derek Ogden can watch his beloved Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs. Oh, wait...

If you don't see your team's name on that list and you still want to play, please contact me as soon as possible.

Let's have a great season.