A Brief, But Important, Message; SUNDAY'S SCHEDULE

June 8th, 2017

Hello, Friends:

Over the past week or so, a dear friend of mine was in the hospital, dealing as best he could with the pain and turmoil of late-stage cancer. I have been spending time with him, arguing politics, reliving old times, and just being there for him. He passed away yesterday afternoon. I'm now scrambling to catch up with my responsibilities, one of which is the posting of the schedule for this league. I have something to do this morning and then, as luck would have it, I have to take my girls' basketball team to St. David for a couple games this afternoon. I will try to get the schedule up before we leave for St. David. If I run out of time, it will be up tonight at the latest. Thank you for understanding.



Here's the schedule for this Sunday. Unfortunately, the venue is having yet another high-school tournament. Since we are relatively new tenants of the venue, the other people have preference over us. I think there's only one more tournament after this and then we have smooth sailing for the rest of the summer.



5:00     Blue Coconuts - Scrap Attack

6:00     Icy Hots - Fleet

7:00     Franchise - Ninety-Six

8:00     Wolves - Gotem




5:00     Lights Out - Second Squad

6:00     Gangreen - W.O.B.S.

7:00     Dawgs - Deadly Venoms

8:00     Tucson Hustle - Scorch Kittens



5:00     Izzy's Squad - Hey Arnold!

6:00     Tyler's New Team (I forgot their name) - Barrio Benchmen

7:00     Hoop Dreams - BOS

8:00     Backyard Bullies - Elite