Biggest TBL Day EVER!

May 29th, 2017


                                     7:00   GAME TIME - T-SQUAD

                                     8:00   DAWGS - ELITE


The schedule for this Sunday is up (please note the above listed games for Court 3) and the schedule for the rest of the season will be posted on Monday (after we have seen a couple new teams play and have figured out where to place them). 

This is important, so please pay attention. I am as big a basketball fan as anybody in the league. I've been watching the NBA playoffs since before most of you were born. I remember when Jerry West made a 70-footer at the buzzer to send the game into overtime and the sorry-ass Lakers--playing at home!!--still lost the game in OT. (That's the series in which Willis Reed dragged his bad leg onto the court at Madison Square Garden, hit a couple quick shots and sparked his Knicks to a Game 7 victory.) I was playing basketball in college when Garfield Heard made that crazy no-look, turn-around 40-footer for the Suns to bring on a third overtime. I was thrilled to watch every Magic-Bird game in the 1980s.

What I'm saying is that I love the playoffs, but they wreak havoc on our schedule. If your team is not going to make it on Sunday, please let me know by Friday. I hate having a bunch of forfeits. If you're not going to make it, just let me know so I can made adjustments to the schedule. Thanks.

This coming Sunday will be the biggest day in the 29-year history of the Tucson Basketball League. Not necessarily the greatest or the coolest, but definitely the biggest. After starting the Summer 2017 season two weeks ago, we had a very-abbreviated schedule this past Sunday due to the Memorial Day weekend. But this coming Sunday, EVERY TEAM in the league will play! (That hasn't happened in quite a while.)

However, after making that bombastic announcement, there is a chance that every team except one will play. There may or may not be an odd number of teams. We're still deciding the fate of one team, one of the members of which had an emotional outburst that was completely unacceptable. There was no violence or anything, just ridiculous behavior and an unwillingness to calm down. If that team is allowed to play, there will be an odd number of teams, so one team will miss out.

As I've explained herein, we are not going to sacrifice the quality and comfort of the league to accommodate those who are unable to control themselves. As I said to someone not long ago (most indelicately), I ain't Jesus. We are not going to leave the flock to go tend to the lost sheep. The lost sheep can go play outdoors with the other knuckleheads.

 On a happier note, we would like to welcome back to the league a couple of our favorite people. Jordan Powell was a long-time player in the league. Before that, he was a world-class long jumper at the University of Arizona. A while back, he suffered a gruesome Achilles tendon injury that required surgery. He made his triumphant return on Sunday and scored 17 points and grabbed six rebounds. It's great to have him back. Also returning (and also playing on Elite) is Desmond Ondoua. He wasn't hurt, he was just doing other stuff. Last fall, he tried his hand at coaching. He coached the boys basketball team at Immaculate Heart High School and coached the Knights to their first State Tournament appearance in school history. For his efforts, his fellow coaches voted him Coach of the Year in the 1A-South.

Having said all that, Elite lost a close one, 51-48, to Franchise.

All seven players on Past Our Prime hit at least one three-pointer in their 81-47 win over R.T.P. The team combined for 12 threes and was led by Joe Morales with 22 points. Herman Harris has 23 for R.T.P.

Justin Hardesty, who apparently will shoot any time from anywhere, had 29 points on six threes, to lead Flabajuti to a 64-53 win over Just a Game. Just so you'll know, Flabajuti was Basil last season and, before that, was Hardesty. Next season, they'll be Donald Trump's Daddy. Just a Game had to play without leading scorer and rebounder Gabe Reyes, who is out with a sore back.

In other games, the Wolves handled the Vipers, 77-49, and TSB pulled away in the second half to down Game Time, 72-41.

The monster schedule will be up by Wednesday. Please check it. And from now on, if I have to make a change to the schedule, both teams will be notified by text of any changes. Maybe that will help cut down on forfeits.