Please Read--I'll Give You a Dollar

February 15th, 2017

Despite my general appearance and demeanor, I am actually rather efficient. I've never missed a writing deadline. I show up on time to things. And I don't like excuses. Having said all that, I would now like to apologize for the fact that the season schedule and stats haven't yet appeared herein. There are a couple explanations. For one thing, I never release the schedule until I have seen all of the teams play. And, believe it or not, we have a new team (the Barrio Benchmen) starting this week. 

Speaking of this week, the venue was supposed to be closed this weekend, but instead is hosting an all-day youth tournament. I have just learned that we can have games from 6:00 - 9:00 and we will take advantage of that opportunity. We will have three games each on three courts. I will post that schedule this evening.

As for the team rosters and stats, I'm almost there. We have had to remove a couple teams from the schedule for reasons I'm sure you all can guess. (No, they weren't belligerent. Just unacceptably tardy.) Furthermore, I have had a couple pressing personal matters that have taken a lot of my time. Nothing terrible, but things to which I had to attend. I've also had a big writing project with a rapidly approaching deadline, and my high-school girls basketball team won the Conference championship and is heading to State on Friday in Prescott.

I'll post last Sunday's action wrap-up and this Sunday's schedule tonight. Thanks.

Oh, and I was just kidding about the dollar.

The games on Court 1 this week are:

6:00   Scrap Attack - Icy Hots

7:00   Game Time - Gotem

8:00   Sonora - Fleet

The games on Court 2 this week are:

6:00   WAR - BOS

7:00   T-Squad - Ninety-Six

8:00   Basil - Dawgs

The games on Court 3 this week are:

6:00   Toon Squad - Barrio Benchmen

7:00   Backyard Bullies - Sour Patch Kids

8:00   Black Mambas - Oro Varsity