MVP Fronzaglio Picks Up Where He Left Off

February 2nd, 2017

For several seasons, the Sour Patch Kids were one of the best A-minus teams in the league. They were able to hang with A-League powers The Hawgs and Fleet and were also a perennial favorite to challenge for the B-League postseason title. But then Ashraf Alfatesh and Osama Solieman took a season off and the character iof the squad changed considerably. Long-time Sour Patch stalwart Gabe Fronzaglio was elevated to The Man status and he responded quite admirably. He led the league in scoring and averaged a double-double, despite not being the tallest guy in the league. For his efforts, he was named the Fall 2016 TBL Most Valuable Player. On Sunday, he picked up where he left off last league by posting yet another double-double (23 and 10) in leading the Kids to a 63-51 win over G-Sauce

In other games:

Nothing But Net 82, Hickory 70 - Guillermo Bay made his return to Hickory after a long layoff. He scored 30 points and teammate Josh Arnold pulled down 14 rebounds but it wasn't enough to ward of the balanced attack of Nothing But Net.

Frosty Hesson 40, Backyard Bullies 25 - The Bullies held a 19-16 lead at the half, but then went zero-Kelvin cold in the second half, scoring only six points after the break. 

Scout Team 69, BOS 65 - In a tight game throughout, Scout Team rode the scoring of Zach Swearengin and Kody Startt to the win.

still got it 65, LeBrontourage 52 - After a tight first half, still got it benefited from Chris Klassen's 24 points--including four threes and 6-7 from the free-throw line--in the victory.

A few quick notes:

--Despite the fact that the league is populated by assorted adults and grown-ups, there are still a few teams that have failed to meet their entry obligations. Those teams are going to notice that they are not on the schedule (which will be released shortly) and will not be on the schedule until they become a bit more responsible and handle their business like assorted adults and grown-ups. The league has simply become too big for me and/or Rob to be chasing people down. Two teams have already gone bye-bye and more may follow.

--I received more than a few playfully nasty comments about my hair, which has become unfashionably long and unkempt. There is an explanation. A long time ago, when I was an athlete, I had absolutely no superstitions. I wore the number 13, I ate different meals before games (or no meals at all). But when I became a coach, I picked up every stupid superstition known to mankind and I can't shake them. One is respecting a winning streak. When one of my teams is on a winning streak, I wear the same shirt and tie and I don't get a haircut. The Immaculate Heart girls basketball team that I am currently coaching is 24-4 overall and 17-1 in the regular season. We last lost a game on December 2nd, meaning that we went almost all of December and then all of January without a loss. We'll be riding a nice 18-game winning streak into the State Tournament in a couple weeks. What little hair I have grows at a ridiculous rate and I'm starting to look like Doc Brown, the mad professor in "Back to the Future." Thanks for noticing.

--This Sunday features an abbreviated slate because of the Super Bowl. We'll have games from 9:00 - 3:00 on two courts. In future weeks, we will be running on three courts for part of the day (or night). This will allow us to get in all the necessary games before the end of the regular season (the week before Easter) and then complete the playoffs before Mother's Day.

--As I have mentioned, the Spring is somewhat disjointed at the venue. The venue was closed for Martin Luther King weekend and will be closed again on Presidents' Day weekend and on Easter. I'm gong to keep on telling you this so I don't hear people complaining about the number of byes on the schedule. Those are not byes; they're just days when the venue is closed. The Spring is just weird. In the summer, there are only a couple such days (Memorial Day and July 4th). And then, in the Fall, there are no days off. That's just the way it is. We're in a great place and we have to respect the Rules of the House. Thanks for understanding.