Winter Season Underway; No Games Sunday Due to MLK Day

January 11th, 2017

First things first: As it turns out, our host venue (which is magnificent in every way) is aligned with Pima County and, as such, it adheres to a schedule that recognizes federal holidays. Accordingly, there will be no games this week because the gym will be closed. Who knew, y'know? Someone suggested that had I known, I should have just waited until the 22nd to start the season, we actually have so many teams this season that we needed to have games this past week just so that we can finish up before Mother's Day. 

A few things before I get to the wrap-up of the first week of action:

--This season will feature the greatest number of teams in the 29-year history of the Tucson Basketball League. That's pretty amazing and we greatly appreciate your interest and participation. However, it also presents some challenges. We have the reffing situation mostly cleared up (although Junior is still clinging to the folly that California is actually inhabitable), but finding enough court-hours is going to be tight. And then there's the matter of the schedule. We had a brand-new team join this season and then request a specific hour for their games for the rest of the season. When the laughter died down...the answer was NO! The guys from Frosty Hesson have been in the league--non-stop!--since the 1990s. THEY get to pick their game times. New teams?

--While we value the many friendships we've made over the years and look back fondly at the great games we've had, perhaps our favorite thing about the League is that, in 29 years, we have had exactly ONE fight. (And that's one too many.) To be honest, we have had our share of close calls, of pissy little bitches squaring off to pursue their twisted, petty little version of Manhood. But we've only had one actual fight--it happened back in the 90s--and the people involved were banned for life. Likewise, we have banned a few people who have simply threatened to fight. One such guy showed up the other day, thinking that he was going to play. It's been a few years since his transgression and I guess he thought that we'd forget or give him another chance. Please know that we don't do either. We've got too many good people in the league to let one or two knuckleheads ruin things. When you walk in the gym to play, that's your chance. If you mess that up, you don't get another. As for that guy, if I see him on the street, I sincerely hope that we can shake hands and be adults. I don't wish him ill, but he'll never play in the league again.

--Please know that the venue will soon be raising the court rental fees to cover their increased labor costs. We will do everything we can to keep from having to raise our fees.

-- Stats will appear on this website after every team in the league has played at least two games.

As for the games:

Sunshine Boys 52, R.U.B.S.K. 47 - The Boys picked up their championship shirts from last season and then set out to win another title. Team captain Ben Yates hit a big three late in the game to seal the victory.

Hey Arnold! 82, Just a Game 75 - Another of last season's Division champions, Arnold! got a combined 42 points and 11 rebounds from Zeke Odina and Jeremy Harden to outlast Just a Game. The two Gabes--Gudino and Reyes--combined for 36 points and 12 boards in a losing effort.

LeBrontourage 65, Blue Coconuts 64 - Randy Koch had a rebound putback with one second left to lift LeBrontourage. It was a great game from start to finish with more than a dozen lead changes. Koch finished with 20 points and 10 boards. Paul Choi and Andy Sonnek each hit three threes for the Coconuts.

W.O.B.S. 76, Dawgs 63 - Leo Polo and Cornell Littleton combined for 48 points and 15 rebounds, but it wasn't enough to overcome the balanced scoring of the W.O.B.S. squad.

Question Mark 77, Franchise 65 - Joey Murphy had a spectacular all-around game, hitting 16 points and grabbing 13 rebounds to lead Q's team. Q himself (Matt Quinonez) hit six threes and had 22 points in the win.

I haven't made the schedule for January 22nd yet, but I do know that there will be two great grudge games on that day, both at 11:00. On Court One will be Hickory facing off with still got it. On Court Two will be DTC and Just a Game. This should be EPIC!