Schedule For January 8th...and a Few Notes

January 5th, 2017

The Scottish poet Robert Burns once wrote, "The best-laid plans of mice and men oft times go awry." (He actually wrote, in Scottish, "The best laid schemes o' mice an' men Gang aft a-gley.") There, that's your culture for the week. What Bobby Burns (you have to say that in your head with a Scottish accent) meant was that no matter how well you plan something, stuff happens. My plan was for all of the teams that are going to play in the Winter 2017 season to play on Opening Day. That would have necessitated a lot of courts, a lot of refs, a lot of hours. But then, reality reared its ugly head. 

First off, some of the phone numbers that returning teams gave me were illegible and/or wrong. Penmanship is obviously a lost art. Some of y'all have the handwriting of a one-legged horse in heat. Some didn't provide phone numbers and haven't responded to my emails (Purple Nurples). Others can't start until next week. Some are Dolphin fans (who knew?!). 

Then, it turns out that the venue has allotted a considerable amount of its court space to club volleyball, so we wouldn't have been able to squeeze all of the teams in anyway. So, most of the teams will start this week and the rest will start the following week. Again, we will attempt to keep byes to a minimum, but please know that the venue has a couple days in the winter and spring months when they are simply not open (Presidents' Day, Easter). Those will not be byes in your schedule; they will just be days when the place isn't open and we won't be able to have games. Last season we had a day when the venue was holding club volleyball tryouts all day. I explained it to everybody, but I still had six or seven teams complaining about "Why did we have an extra bye?"

Anyway, the schedule for Sunday will appear shortly. There's one more team I have to speak to before I release the schedule. There is nothing worse than a forfeit on Opening Day. We still have to pay a staggering sum for the court and we lose a precious hour. 

Here's the schedule for Sunday (there is a slight 1.74% chance that I'll have to change one game; I'll call the affected teams if I do):


9:00     Sunshine Boys - R.U.B.S.K.

10:00   Hickory - Suicide Squad

11:00   Hey Arnold! - Just a Game

12:00   LeBrontourage - Blue Coconuts

1:00     Hawgs - Basil

2:00     Primetime (Aaron R.) - Deadly Venoms

3:00     Victor Yee's Team - Jay Brown's Team

4:00     Flying Squirrels - Nothing But Net

5:00     W.O.B.S. - Dawgs

6:00     Scrap Attack - Gangrene (A-Pack)

7:00     We Dem Boyz - Game Time

8:00     WAR - Ninety-Six



9:00     RTP - DTC

10:00   Frosty Hesson - Toon Squad

11:00   Zona - Scout Team

6:00     TSB - More Jumpers

7:00     Oro Varsity - Sour Patch Kids

8:00     Franchise - Question Mark (Q's Team)

Starting Next Week: Sonora, Icy Hots, Black Mambas, Backyard Bullies, SWAT, Rowst Gawds, still got it, Aaron Corona's Team, Basil, G-Sauce, BOS, Lights Out, Magic

Undecided: Purple Nurples, Xavier