Leader Board

Average Points

  • 28.3
  • LJ Turner

  • 28.0
  • Sergio Carranza

  • 24.2
  • Dante Williams

  • 24.0
  • Guillermo Bay

  • 23.3
  • Jared Boone

Average Rebounds

  • 11.7
  • Flip Johnson

  • 11.0
  • Carlos Mendez

  • 9.8
  • Jared Neal

  • 9.3
  • Saul Mancinas

  • 9.0
  • Chris Goode

Average 3-Pointers

  • 5.3
  • Guillermo Bay

  • 5.0
  • Marcos Lopez

  • 4.0
  • George Leeth

  • 4.0
  • Marcos Escobar

  • 4.0
  • Zack Ryberg

FT Percentage

  • 100.0
  • Marcos Lopez

  • 100.0
  • Myles Nichelson

  • 100.0
  • Quinn Hampton

  • 91.0
  • Fred Simms

  • 89.0
  • Pat Phanthavong

Team FT %

  • 87.0
  • RTP

  • 81.0

  • 81.0
  • The Show

  • 76.0
  • Really Big Team

  • 76.0
  • Geeks

Bad Day For Night Games

March 22nd, 2019





Quick note to self: Don't EVER schedule night games on the days when St. Patrick's Day lands on a Sunday. There's no way that some of the people who showed up to "play" on Sunday are Irish. Then there are those who stayed away in droves, apparently finding the decision between playing ball or drinking green beverages an easy one. Because of two leap years in the interim, the next time that St. Patrick's Day lands on a Sunday is only five years away, 2024. We'll be ready for it.  

This past Sunday wasn't a full-on disaster, but it tiptoed up to the line. We had a team that swore it went on the website and didn't see their team name on the schedule...and their team was playing on Court 2! Therefore, their team name was on the regular schedule and they didn't have to be redirected to the body of the blog. Even if they were on Court 3, there's this big, ugly pop-up that tells people to look in the blog for games on Court 3. Another team swears it didn't see the pop-up. We're going to re-design the website so there will be listings for all three courts in the future. Also, there was a problem (human error) with the stats. They didn't get put in the right way, so we're a week behind. It should be successfully updated by late today.

We did have several good games that evening, but the highlight game was the matchup between Franchise and Icy Hots. During the season, we have several games like this, contests that pit two really good teams that are different in, shall we say, experience. Suffice it to say that several members of the Icy Hots squad played their high-school ball before the Millennium, while members of Franchise had their graduation years begin with a 2. At halftime, it appeared that it would be an old-fashioned defensive struggle as the score was tied, 28-28. The two teams would score nearly 50 points each after the break. 

It was a back-and-forth battle throughout the second half. It was one of those games with amazing heroics tempered by moments of how-the-heck-did-THAT-happen?! mistakes. Former pro basketball player Mark Meredith was both Hot and Icy as he hit two big threes down the stretch but then, inexplicably, went 0-4 from the free-throw line. Franchise's Omar Lepro grabbed several big rebounds in traffic but then missed a put-back that might have iced the game. Adam Campillo hit a late three for Icy Hots to send the game into overtime. Then, at the end of the first overtime, Cesar Solis hit a clutch three for Franchise to send the game into a second overtime. A whole bunch of other stuff happened and we went to a third overtime. Icy Hots scratched out a two-point lead. Franchise missed a couple shots and the ball ended up in Solis's hands. His last-second shot was blocked cleanly by Icy's Gerrit Vande Mheen, with the Hots pulling out a thrilling 76-74 win.

Juwuan Long led Icy Hots with 48 points and is this week's Player of the Week. Cesar Solis had 27 points and Marcos Escobar had 24 for Franchise.